6 Smart Ways to Save Money on Phone Repair in Columbia

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Has your cell phone taken a dip in the pool? The screen broke? There needs to be a comparison when it comes to the effectiveness of these methods for phone repair in Columbia while not spending a fortune.

How to Save Money on Phone Repair In Columbia

Restore your charge

You shouldn’t automatically blame the charging cable if your phone refuses to charge when plugged in. Lint and other pocket detritus can get lodged in the charging port, blocking the connection pins and slowing or preventing charging altogether. Lucky for us, a low-tech answer exists. We suggest using a safety pin to “drag it around the inside of the port on your phone to empty it out. Before you go out and buy a new cord or reach out to a cell phone repair in Columbia, try this if your phone isn’t charging. If anything is blocking the charging pins, you can use a flat toothpick to get it out of the way.

Clean up fuzzy noise

Disappointed with the low-quality audio produced by external speakers plugged into your headphone jack? Dirt or debris can cause your device to stop turning on or prevent you from hearing your phone calls, just like it does with your charging port. Carefully blow the area with compressed air, use a Q-tip (shave off some of the cottons to make it fit), and wipe out the port with a cleanser that contains a high percentage of alcohol, as recommended by experts.

Replace a shattered screen

Anyone uncomfortable with DIY shouldn’t attempt this one. You can fix a screen yourself if you’re tech-savvy and don’t mind risking your expensive smartphone, which has many fragile and tiny parts, says a phone repair expert in Columbia. However, she says you need the proper equipment to repair this smartphone.

Some gadgets’ displays are more easily replaceable than others. For iPhone repair in Columbia, our experts suggest heating the glue to soften it, leaving the screen on, and slicing the adhesive apart to take off the screen. It is more difficult to replace a broken screen on Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy series. Take the back glass panel off, adding complexity to the repair.

Resurrect a soaked phone

Don’t put your phone in a bag of rice as conventional knowledge would have you do if it ends up in the water. The rice can get sticky and jam your phone’s ports if it absorbs too much water. Rice is effective at soaking up external moisture, but it may only be able to remove some of the moisture from your phone’s interior.

As an alternative, the first step in smartphone repair is to switch the phone off and take it away from the water source. Wait until the device is entirely dry before powering it back up. Try using a blow dryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying process of ports and the like. A piece of silica gel is included in every pair of shoes you purchase, and some experts advise keeping it in an airtight container (to prevent them from absorbing moisture). Then, after dropping your phone, you may let those little packets do their thing by sealing them in the same airtight container.

However, many professionals agree that the safest action for water damage is to switch off your phone and take it to a specialist if it still doesn’t work. For example, the best technicians will only charge you if they can fix it, regardless of how much effort they take to save your gadget.

Replace the battery

Do you wish to replace the batteries in your phone? Many smartphone batteries are bonded in place, making battery replacement a complicated operation. The battery of your Samsung Galaxy can be replaced with the help of in-depth instructions. iPhones make it simpler to swap out batteries because they feature pull tabs on the adhesive that release the battery from the device.

However, you should be informed that the warranty will be null and void if you open your phone. If your phone’s battery dies, several companies (including Apple) will replace it for free during the warranty period or for a modest price afterward.

Improve a mediocre lens

Have you ever wished you could take crystal-clear images or zoom in on objects like flowers or people’s faces? A macro lens is what you need. Unfortunately, most smartphones do not include a camera. You may either pay for one or implement this clever hack to upgrade your camera instantly. Instead of throwing away the DVD player you never use (hello, streaming! ), use it to make a lens for another device. This tiny component directs the laser used to read discs. The lens can be freed by digging out the adhesive. Both putty and tape can be used to attach to your phone’s camera, or you can just cut a hole in a piece of tape and glue it over the lens. You’ll be able to zoom in so far that you can make out individual cells in an onion.


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