Phone Repair Myths Debunked By Experts At Phone Repair Store

The internet has become a go-to resource for many individuals looking for ways to mend their broken phones. A lot of advice from novices can lead people astray. It is common knowledge that rumors and misconceptions abound among mobile phone users. Because rumors are always rumors and never facts, it’s best to read this and find out the truth.

When it comes to cell phone repair services, are you aware of the facts? You’ve got to rethink this! As a responsible phone repair store, we intend to dispel some of the most popular myths about cell phone repair on the Internet.

Myth 1: Water-damaged phones can be fixed using uncooked rice

If your phone has been submerged in water, many blogs recommend that you put it in a bowl or a bag of uncooked rice. While ineffectual, the rice tip might also damage your electronic equipment. “How?” you may be wondering. As it turns out, rice has a lot of sugars and carbohydrates, which can exacerbate the corrosion of the phone’s motherboard.

Bringing a water-damaged gadget into a Gadget Defenders location is the best option for fixing it. Expert cell phone repair store in Columbia, Kentucky, technician explains that he and his team utilize specialized equipment and chemicals to clean the motherboard of corrosion. “Isopropyl alcohol is used to clean things initially. Isopropyl alcohol is mixed with an aliphatic hydrocarbon to be used in an ultrasonic cleaner. After cleaning, we flush away any remaining particles and conduct a proper test. As soon as we determine what parts are needed to get the phone working, we’ll move forward.”

Myth 2: Carrier warranties are voided by third-party phone repair store

Most carrier warranties cover manufacturer defects, not wear and tear or accidental damage. What does that imply for you, exactly? It is highly unlikely that your carrier will repair or replace your phone if it has been damaged by water or another type of accident.

If this is the case, your best option is to use a third-party repair company! Repairing accidental damage is often less expensive than buying a new phone, and we are specialists at it. All parts replaced by a cell phone repair store in Columbia, Kentucky, are covered by limited lifetime guarantees!

Myth 3: Cell phone repair store costs too much

Most people believe they will have to pay expensive phone repair stores. There are some bad apples in the repair industry but many good Abduls. Not everyone is willing to defraud clients. If you’ve had a negative experience with repair shops or technicians, you’re bound to find plenty of trustworthy professionals that charge fair prices for their work.

Occasionally, certain replacement parts aren’t readily available in the area and must be shipped in, so you’ll be charged for the repair and the parts that go into your device. Toss out the notion that repairing a cell phone is prohibitively expensive.

Myth 4: Broken phones are useless

This is a frequent misunderstanding, and it’s wrong! As soon as you bring your broken phone to Gadget Defenders, it will function like new!

All our repairs are performed by skilled experts who only utilize high-quality parts. 


Some of the myths we’ve discovered are listed here. When you need to repair your cell phone, you should always go with a well-known company. This way, you’ll get fast and reliable service at a reasonable price and save money.

Tech repair company Gadget Defenders is dedicated to providing the best service in Columbia, Kentucky. Our goal is to make technology more accessible to you. We have a solution for any problem, whether a hardware or software issue. 

Your device will be diagnosed and repaired quickly by a highly trained team of highly trained experts. An expedited turnaround means that you can get on with your hectic schedule. 

Contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Visit our website to learn more about our phone repair store.