Stop Broken iPhone Screen From Getting Worse – Tips By Phone Repair Store In Columbia, Kentucky


It is heartbreaking to see your iPhone screen getting damaged. No matter how much you have paid for it, you’ll need to visit a phone repair store if something needs fixing. Rest assured you are not the only one and we have seen many people visiting our store for this specific problem. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to stop the matter from becoming worse until you visit Gadget Defenders to get it replaced. 

In this guide, our technicians have brought you some tips that are expert-approved in preventing the broken screen problem. So, without any delay, let’s begin. 

Take A Deep Breath Before You Visit A Phone Repair Store In Columbia, Kentucky

Imagine a scenario – you dropped your phone face down by mistake. It’s dreadful, right? However, before you start panicking, take a deep breath and assess the damage that has been caused. While you do have an idea that screen glass has shattered, there could be some pieces laying around that can cut your finger if not careful. Once you have picked up the phone, see to confirm if there is a crack on the screen or if it has been completely shattered. Depending on what you discover, you might need to call our cell phone repair store in Columbia, Kentucky

However, if it is only a crack, you can try out the following:

Apply Temporary Sealant

You need to take immediate action if your iPhone is broken. It is a layer of protection that restricts dust, debris, and moisture from entering the device. When there is a crack on the screen, you’ve compromised the protection of the internal components, which can cause irreparable damage to the phone. For this reason, you have to add a temporary screen over it.

By preventing the crack from getting worse temporarily, you have bought yourself some time where you have the flexibility to visit our shop when it is the best time for you – but make sure you don’t delay it for too long. In the meantime, you can use the compound, cyanoacrylate, to apply to the cracks to stop the spread of the crack. 

As you add this compound to the screen, make sure to tilt it so the entire crack is properly filled. Wipe away the excess once you are done with the procedure. Now let the phone dry. Another thing you can do is apply a screen protector. Remember, they are just a temporary solution until you visit a phone repair store

While trying out these DIY projects, make sure to be cautious as they can do more damage than good if one is not careful. Also, these are only short-term solutions, and you will need to look for a way to permanently fix the screens. 

To look to resolve the issue completely, follow this tip:

Visit Cell Phone Mechanics In Columbia Kentucky

If the crack is of great extent or the screen is completely damaged, you need to visit professionals like ours to take care of the problem. We have the proper means and skills to carry out the job and offer permanent fixes for your iPhones. 

To get the details about our repair services, visit our website: Gadget Defenders 

Smartphones are an important part of our lives, from entertainment to work purposes, we heavily depend on them. Everyone is instructed to use their phones safely to avoid damage, but accidents can happen and unfortunately, you cannot do much to avoid them 100%. The most common issue with iPhone users is they drop their phone and the screen is damaged. When anything like that happens, you need to take quick action. You can either try short-term solutions if the crack isn’t that bad, or you can visit our phone repair store for a permanent fix.